we automate your events
because life’s too short to lick envelopes
or muck around with mail merges

we gather round
your speakers and sponsors…

📢 [ SPEAKERS ] 📢

💌 [ SPONSORS ] 💌

let your exhibitors share their info,
let your sponsors invite their guests

advertise your show…

💳 [ GUESTS ] 💳


let your clients sell their tickets

check in your guests…

🚪 [ HOSTS ] 🚪

🌡 [ ANALYSTS ] 🌡

let your guests check themselves in

and let the event manage itself

heebay is the happy middle ground

other drag-and-drop builders?

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good for internal events
limited customisation
hard to work with existing tools

good for huge events
needs time, talk, typing
hard to recycle the code(rs)

or code from scratch?

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more eventing, less reinventing the wheel

heebay events
ideal for 50-2500 attendees
quick way to a custom look and workflow
make your job easier, pre- and post-event

heebay helps you build your own event-organising website with popular database systems and payment portals

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our team does copy writing, graphics design, customer service, localisation and other things that still need a human touch

because we are event organisers too.


handled over 150,000 event registrations since 2013
customised registration platform and workflow for each event
supports clients and guests with our data toolbox

… simplifies. automates.collaborates

manage and contain complexity through heebay’s market intelligence
fulfil clients’ metrics of a smooth event

ensure direct and accurate communication across all parties
good guest experience through speedy response

complete clients’ goals beyond project specification
off-load your administrative tasks to us—it makes everyone’s lives easier!

Talk to us. Please.