manage events, not guests, with clean data

The trouble with event management data is that it’s dirty: it’s often outdated, duplicated, or outright wrong. Here’s how heebay cleans it up.

Problem: your conference is divided into sessions and sub-topics. You build a guestlist with a “session” column and a “sub-topic” column.

Two hours before the conference starts, your keynote speakers want to change the sessions and sub-topics involving a hundred guest records.

heebay suites avoid this problem altogether because of two things:

  • they are built in real databases instead of glorified Excel spreadsheets, so you only need to change anything once, and
  • your speakers can change it themselves by clicking on a secure URL

As your event partner, we solve these problems before they arise by running a clean database you can rely on. Talk to us if you would like to start on a clean slate.