EasyCert Form: practise medicine in the PRC

The People’s Republic of China provides an official certification service for medical practitioners registered in Hong Kong and Macau who wish to practise medicine in the PRC.

heebay provides an agency service through which you can obtain this qualifying certificate in 3 easy steps:

  1. Complete the online form below
  2. Upload your qualification certificates
  3. Attend a quick attestation session in Central

We will take care of the rest — no cross-border trips needed!
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Practising in the PRC: guidance for HK/MO doctors

According to the PRC’s Zhiye Yishi Fa 2009 [trans. “Law on Practising Doctors”], if you:

  • are a permanent resident of the Hong Kong or Macau Special Administrative Region(s) who has been lawfully licensed to practise medicine in the respective Region(s) for five years or longer on 31 December 2007;
  • possess a practising certificate for specialists in the Region(s); and
  • practise medicine in a medical institution in the Region(s),

then you may apply for a Yishi Zige Zhengshu [“Qualifying Certificate for Doctors”], issued by the Ministry of Health in the PRC.

N.B. A Qualifying Certificate alone does not entitle you to practise medicine, preventative activities, or healthcare activities anywhere in the PRC. To do so, you should undergo Yishi Zhiye Zhuce [“Practising Registration for Doctors”] and obtain a Yishi Zhiye Zhengshu [“Practising Certificate for Doctors”] through your PRC employer after you have obtained your Qualifying Certification.